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Organizer / Organizer HD
Price: $7.99 / $9.99
Version: 5.1
Category: Productivity
Devices: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad
Data sync
You can sync data between devices running Organizer or Organizer HD in both directions. You need a Dropbox account & iOS 5 or later to set up syncing.

Note that "events" and "tasks" must be synced separately using online calendar (such as iCloud calendar, Google Calendar, etc) and Google Tasks.

If you already use Organizer or Organizer HD on multiple devices, pick your master data carefully as the master data will overwrite existing data on other devices.

Set up Syncing
Go to Organizer's settings and turn on "Sync Data" option. You will be prompted to sign in to Dropbox. After signing in, Organizer will let you either upload the data as master data (if this is your first device to sync), or sync with master data (your existing data will be overwritten in this case). Data will sync automatically afterwards whenever you launch Organizer.

Master Data
Master data becomes the starting point from which syncing is kept track. Keep in mind that master data will overwrite existing data when synced with other devices, so pick the data you want to preserve as master data.

Sync Data Manually
If you want to sync the data manually, tap the "action" button and tap "Sync Data" menu.

Reset Sync
If you want to discard the current master data and start over with the new one, follow the steps below:
  1. Turn off "Sync Data" option in all Organizer or Organizer HD that is currently in sync.
  2. Turn on "Sync Data" option in one instance of Organizer. Sign in to Dropbox.
  3. After signing in, you will be given an option to "Sync with Master Data" or "Upload Master Data". Choose "Upload Master Data" to upload the new master data.
  4. Sync other devices to the new master data.