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Organizer / Organizer HD
Price: $7.99 / $9.99
Version: 5.1
Category: Productivity
Devices: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad
Organizer can communicate with external programs in the following ways.
Export Data
When you tap the fifth button from the left while in navigation mode, you may export the data to PDF, text or PNG format. You can optionally specify the date range to perform bulk export. You can also print the data or save them to the "Photos" app.
File Transfer
When you tap on the fifth toolbar button from the left while in navigation mode, you may perform one of four actions, one of which is to start "file transfer" mode. Using "Organizer Sync" software, you can backup and restore data in Organizer. You can also download photos and voice memos from your web browser.
Link buttons
When Organizer detects phone numbers, email addresses or URLs within text, link buttons will be displayed in order to make a phone call (only on iPhone), send email, or visit the URL via the Safari web browser. Telephone numbers must be preceded by "tel:" (e.g., "tel:123-4567") in order to differentiate them from other numbers such as zip codes.
Application Badge
Organizer can display a number in red on its icon at the home screen. This shows the number of incomplete TO-DO tasks for specified period of time (can be customized from within the settings menu).

Calendar, list, search, export, next & previous pages. Text, shapes, emojis, photos, contacts, copy & paste. Pinch, rotate, shake, swipe, touch and hold. Select calendars, sync, add, edit, delete Select reminders, sync, add, edit, delete Select calendars, sync, add, edit, delete, alarms Configure, sync, add, edit, delete Configure twitter, add tweets, display options Backup, restore and file transfer. Page colors, size, holidays, alignment, etc.
You can make a call, send email or browse the web by tapping link buttons.
Home screen icon shows the number of incomplete TODO tasks for the last 7 days.