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Price: $7.99 / $9.99
Version: 5.1
Category: Productivity
Devices: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad
Direct sync with Google Calendar is no longer supported. Please use "Calendar" app integration to sync with Google Calendar.
Google CalendarTM Support
Organizer can sync events and schedules with Google Calendar. You can also add new events to Google Calendar, or edit/delete events from within Organizer.

Please note that Organizer was not designed as a full-featured Google Calendar client and therefore, it supports limited features.

Please see below for instructions on how to use Google Calendar in Organizer.

Setting up Google Calendar
Syncing Events
Adding Events
Editing Events
Deleting Events
Setting alarms
Supported Features
  • Select calendars to import.
  • Events can be imported from multiple calendars. *1
  • Import all-day or recurring events.
  • Synchronize changes from Google Calendar.
  • Add events to Google Calendar. *2
  • Edit events in Google Calendar. *3
  • Delete events in Google Calendar. *4
  • Set reminders for events in Google Calendar.
*1 Only title, description, date, time, place, reminder and color will be imported; guests are not imported.
*2 Cannot add recurring events.
*3 Only title, description, time and reminder can be edited. Cannot edit repeat frequency in recurring events.
*4 Can only delete one instance of recurring events.