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Organizer / Organizer HD
Price: $7.99 / $9.99
Version: 5.1
Category: Productivity
Devices: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad
Organizer supports the following features:
  • Enter text, shapes, emojis, photos and contacts in any layout.
  • Add handwritten notes and freehand drawings.
  • Change size, color and style of text (bold, italic, underline, strikethrough).
  • Text can display bullet points or check boxes.
  • Tap and hold the screen (approx. 1 second) to enter new text quickly.
  • Change color and line-width of shapes, this can be lines, curves, rectangles, round rectangles or ellipses.
  • Touch and hold a shape button in the shape selection window to lock a tool until you finish using it.
  • Use 182 emojis.
  • Import tweets from Twitter.
  • Add maps. You can search by address, city, or country.
  • Supports copy & paste of text, shapes, emojis, photos or contacts.
  • Take a picture or import photos.
  • Import contact information from address book.
  • Record voice memos on iPhone or iPod touch (2G or later).
  • Select and move multiple items at once.
  • Cut, copy and delete multiple items at once.
  • Paste items into multiple dates at once; useful for recurring events.
  • Enter text, handwritten notes or drawings, photos, voice memo, etc, to separate pages.
  • Add, edit or delete pages.
  • Search pages.
  • Export pages to PDF, PNG, etc.
  • Copy & paste items from or to pages.
Search, List
  • Search text and contacts on a page.
  • Display text and contacts in a list.
  • Search the contents of a list.
  • Customize the date range of a list.
  • Lists can be filtered to show all items, all to-do items or all "open" to-do items.
  • Checkboxes in a list can be tapped to check/uncheck.
  • Show date index in a list.
  • Use "calendar" to jump to a specific date.
  • Calendar support ranges from the year 2005 until the year 2024.
  • Dates with entries will be underlined in calendar.
  • Names of holidays are displayed on a page.
  • Full screen calendar with preview of schedules and events.
  • Holidays in Singapore, Sweden and Denmark have been added.
  • Show holidays in up to 4 countries on one page.
  • Show Saturdays in blue font.
  • New monthly calendar that can display schedules and events for all days in that month.
  • New weekly calendar that display the week number.
  • Option to show holidays in monthly/weekly calendars as well as list.
  • Supports complex recurring rules for events, such as "Every 2 weeks on Thursday and Friday" or "Third Monday in every month"
  • Supports Local Notification in iOS 4.
  • Use alarm without network connectivity or additional setup.
  • Show alarms for events imported from Google Calendar without configuration.
Data Sync
  • Sync data with other devices running Organizer or Organizer HD.
  • Sync in both directions.
  • Events and tasks must be synced separately using online calendar (such as iCloud calendar, Google Calendar, etc) and Google Tasks.
  • Sync via Dropbox.
  • Click here for detail.
Calendar App Support
  • Sync events and schedules from "Calendar" app.
  • Select calendars to sync.
  • For each calendar, specify font name, font size and whether to display a checkbox or not.
  • Add events to "Calendar" app from within Organizer.
  • Add all-day events to "Calendar" app from within Organizer.
  • Edit imported events.
  • Delete imported events.
  • Supports display and editing of recurring events.
  • Can import "place" in events.
  • More..
Reminders App Support
  • Sync reminders from "Reminders" app.
  • Select reminder list to sync.
  • For each list, specify font name and font size.
  • Add reminder to "Reminders" app from within Organizer.
  • Add all-day reminder to "Reminders" app from within Organizer.
  • Edit imported reminders.
  • Delete imported reminders.
  • Supports display and editing of recurring reminders.
  • More..
Google Tasks support
  • Todo management (task list, due dates, grouping, etc).
  • Sync with Google Tasks.
  • Support for offline editing (adding, editing and deleting task list and tasks).
  • Assign custom font/color to display tasks.
  • Hide task lists.
  • More..
  • Import tweets from Twitter.
  • Select multiple tweets at once.
  • Automatically insert your tweets when the app launches.
  • Can toggle between your tweets and tweets of others.
  • Can show/hide images in tweets.
  • Can set to only show text in tweets.
  • Use pinch (move two fingers on the screen further or closer) to make shapes and emoji larger or smaller.
  • Use rotate (move two fingers on the screen along a circle) to rotate text shapes and emoji.
  • Two-finger flick to move to yesterday’s or tomorrow’s date.
  • Shake your iPhone to go back to today’s date.
  • Use the app in both portrait and landscape mode.
  • Touch and hold the calendar icon to go back to today's page.
  • Send text in a page via email.
  • Save the contents of a page as a PDF and send it via email.
  • Save the contents of a page as a photo.
  • Show the number of incomplete TO-DO tasks on the home screen icon.
  • Detect phone numbers, email addresses and URLs in text and display link buttons (Phone numbers will be detected by iPhone only).
  • Supports AirPrint (requires iOS 4.2 or later).
  • Use a passcode to protect sensitive and private data.
Backup, File Transfer
  • Backup and restore data in Organizer. More..
  • Download photos and voice memos from web browsers. More..
  • Use the "Settings" app on the home screen to access Organizer's settings.
  • Choose from 5 different page colors.
  • Choose different page sizes.
  • Shows holidays in 21 countries, including: US, Canada, Mexico, England, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Australia.
  • Choose Monday or Sunday as the start of the week.
  • Enable or disable page flipping animation (Disabling it will improve performance).
  • Align text, shapes, emojis, photos and contacts in 10-pixel grid.
  • Customize the date-range of lists.
  • To-do tasks can be rolled over.
  • Customize the number shown on the home screen icon.
  • Shake gesture can be disabled.
  • Screen auto-rotation can be disabled.
  • Customize the behaviors of touch-and-hold operations.
  • Show the last-opened page upon launch.
  • Option to snap text to time line.
  • Option to launch with monthly calendar.