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Money Journal / Money Journal HD
Price: $2.99 / $4.99
Version: 2.1
Category: Finance
Devices: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad
Monthly and daily budget are shown on the top of the page. Tap the “+” button to enter your budget. To change the budget, tap the amount. Tapping “This Month’s Budget” and “Today’s Budget” will display the remaining budget.

Income and Expenses
Tap the “+” button to add daily income and expenses. Tap the “-” button to delete the entry. To edit an entry, just tap the field you want to edit.

If you select an expenses category (e.g. Grocery), input data will be calculated as expenses. On the other hand, selecting an income category (e.g. Salary) calculates the data as income. Tap the check mark button to finish entering data. To keep entering data, tap the “+” button.

Tapping “Today’s Income and Expenses” will show the income and expenses separately.

Show charts such as “Payments”, “Comparison” and “6 months” by tapping “Chart: Income and Expenses” Tapping the label will display the amount and percentage.

Show text history, use built-in calculator Show list and chart, set date range, search Send email, save as photo, export to CSV, data backup Set up, master data, manual sync, reset sync Various settings for Money Journal