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Money Journal / Money Journal HD
Price: $2.99 / $4.99
Version: 2.1
Category: Finance
Devices: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad
Money Journal supports the following features:
  • Manage monthly budget.
  • Can add revenue to monthly budget.
  • Calculate daily budget based on remaining monthly budget.
  • Can show fixed daily budget.
  • Show remaining monthly budget and remaining daily budget.
  • Manage both income and expenditure.
  • Support payment methods, categories, currencies and memo.
  • Can add a photo attachment to each entry.
  • Show 4 types of charts; expense, payments, comparison and 6 months.
  • Support start of month.
  • Carry-over support.
  • Search and display a list of income and expenses.
  • Organizer-style user interface.
  • Great design; very colorful and pleasant to use.
  • Displays list that shows data by date, category or payment.
  • Quick selection of payment and category.
  • Add a photo attachment.
  • Use calculator to enter amount.
  • Support recurring options (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and yearly)
  • Use text history.
  • Enter multiple entries quickly.
List & Charts
  • Search data in the list.
  • Specify the range of dates to show in the list.
  • Create chart based on the data in the list.
  • Search result and date range are applied to the charts.
  • Export list/chart as PDF, text, PNG, etc.
  • Send text in a page via email.
  • Send CSV via email.
  • Save page as a photo.
  • Export CSV files via web browser on Mac or PC.
  • Export TSV file to support Microsoft Excel.
  • Export data to Google Docs spreadsheet.
  • Backup and restore data using iTunes' file sharing feature.
  • Backup and restore data in Mac or PC via Money Journal Sync.
Data Sync
  • Sync data with other devices running Money Journal or Money Journal HD.
  • Sync in both directions.
  • Sync via Dropbox.
  • Click here for detail.
  • Customize page colors.
  • Show holidays in 15 countries.
  • Set start of week (Sunday or Monday).
  • Customize payment methods, categories and currencies.
  • Enable carry-over support.
  • Use passcode upon launch.
  • Option to use application badge.
  • Option to use shake to go back to today's page.
  • Option to open the last page upon launch.
  • Option to use gray color to display categories.