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Contacts Pro
Price: $2.99
Version: 1.1
Category: Productivity
Devices: iPhone, iPod touch
  • Add group, smart group and local group.
  • Smart group can specify various rules, such as "email address ends with".
  • Local groups can be used to group contacts from different accounts (e.g, group contacts from Gmail and Yahoo).
  • Local groups can also be used to group contacts from accounts that don't support grouping, such as Exchange.
  • Touch and hold groups to initiate drag & drop.
  • Groups can be reordered using drag & drop.
  • Colors can be assigned to groups.
  • Groups can be hidden.
  • Can send group email.
  • Specify sort order and display order.
  • Supports various customization for contact list (options to show phonetics, photos, email address, address, organization, etc)
  • Touch and hold contacts in list to initiate drag & drop.
  • Supports multiple drag & drop by touching other contacts while dragging.
  • Can drag & drop from search result.
  • Can select multiple contacts for deletion, grouping and sending email or message.
  • Option to show your contact when shaking the device.
QR Code
  • QR code can be generated to share your contact with others.
  • Can scan QR code to import contacts from other source.
  • One-tap action to phone numbers and email address from contact list.
  • Can choose actions when tapping phone number and email address (e.g., make call, send message, use FaceTime, etc)
  • Supports Google Maps and Google Chome apps when showing address or URLs.
  • Supports automatic backup of contact data.
  • Automatic backups can run monthly.
  • Choose from two backup locations: "Device" or "Dropbox".
  • Can perform manual backup.
  • Can notify birthdays and anniversaries in contacts up to one week in advance.
  • Can notify up to one week before the dates up to one week in advance.